Monday, January 28, 2013

PS Kassie's Shoes & Thangs

I am pleased to announce that Kassaundra from Kassie's Shoes & Thangs will be doing a weekly post on Mondays. PS The Shoe Picks of the Week. I am super excited. I love her shoe picks and I had to share with you my shoe picks from her. I am also adding shoes that you can purchase from her weekly picks. Kassie's Shoes & Thangs located in Atlanta is a shoe addicts dream. Well, its more like a piece of heaven on earth. KasSaundra Stark-Ringer created Kassie's Shoes & Thangs in June 2010.  KasSaundra who is a native of Texas was introduced to footwear as a child playing in her grandmother's closet. From these first experiences a dream was born which it today Kassie's Shoes & Thangs.

Kassie created this shoe business for Shoe Addicts and Lovers of Shoes. KasSaundra from Kassie's Shoes & Thangs eye for shoes is a unique pull. She has the ability to match a shoe with your style and create a lifestyle for the shoe lover. She personally shops for each client's shoes and partners them up with your wardrobe for the perfect look.  

Kassie's Shoes & Thangs caters shoes for every event and loves the exclusiveness of having that perfect unforgettable shoe.  Here are a couple pics from our consultation and I have some picks she pulled for me.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

& More Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

KasSaundra from Kassie's Shoes& Thangs and Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

My shoes, Shoe One

Shoe Two

& Shoe Three

So, What do you think Strawbabies??? I think I'm a Shoe Addict. Thanks to KasSaundra from Kassie's Shoes & Thangs
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Carlynn Thornton Melvin

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  1. Thank you Carlynn for the love! Kassie Shoes & Thangs and will support PinkStrawberry Events!

    KasSaundra Ringer
    Kassie Shoes & Thangs


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