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Thursday, November 17, 2011


Thanksgiving is often overlooked. I mean there's Halloween and then there's Christmas. The two extremes. Where is the in between. Thanksgiving!!! Thanksgiving is a heartfelt day within itself. I mean surely don't  you want to give something thanks. I have a million and things to be thankful for. Ican't even begin to say and express thanks enough for what I am truly thankful for. It is the simple things that makes life worth living. The extra seconds, the breaths of air, my health, family and friends. Even the kindness given to me by strangers. The door being held for me, the good mornings, the bagging of my groceries, the fast food meals when I dont have to cook for the family, the waiters going back and forth to refill my drink for the millionth and one time. The person in Walmart,who took extra care to clean the floors and stack the groceries, the person who put the gas in the tank so I could pump the gas for my car, the person at georgia power who made sure my lights were up and running, the people who took my trash away this week, the bus driver who took my child safely to school, the teacher who spent 8 hours to make sure my kids got it. As you can see I can go and on and on for how thankful I am. I am grateful. To me it is one day celebrated as a holiday but it should be everyday that you are thankful and grateful for your blessings. What would the world be without thankfulness? So in preparation for next week, I surfed the net to get some ideas of cool things for Thanksgiving and this is what I found.

I hope these ideas gave you some ideas for Thanksgiving!!!! Be Thankful

Carlynn Thornton Melvin