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Monday, October 22, 2012

Rasheeda from VH1" Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta" in a blinged out Fitted!!

Rasheeda from the reality show Vh1" Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" was seen in a blinged out fitted hat by designer Tiffany, CEO of CustomsbyTiffany. Tiffany  has taken the fitted hat look to a total different platform for woman as well as men. Depending on your favorite team, Tiffany takes your team and basically blings it out for you making it a custom one of a kind hat. She stones each hat with swarsoki crystals based upon your request. She compliments each hat by making it a more luxurious wear. Chic and cute!!!

Other customsbytiffany.........

Twitter @Customsbytiffany or

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Flawless Cases

I recently ran across these adorable phone cases and accessories!!  I must say I was over the top in love in five seconds or maybe it was one. They are soo cute and I love anything with pink, so you know for me it  just went all uphill fast!! I found the designer of these cases on twitter. I guess you can say by pure surfing and tweeting. It was a terrific find too.

You can reach the designer on Twitter @flawlesscases and don't forget to tell them PinkStrawberry sent you.

Looking for Sexy, Try De Cordon Boutique.....

Delicia Cordon, the sexy designer in my opinion never fails to disappoint me. Delicia Cordon a custom designer that is dedicated to delivering fashion forward styles! She is a designer with the capability to bring out the Sexy, Classy, Sophisticated & the fashionista in all Women! Each De Cordon Piece is exquisitely crafted through refined fabrication and form fitting silhouettes. Delicia creates art pieces from her own renowned, “Curve hugging” style, as well as a combination of today’s modernity. Her claim to  mix Sexy with sophisticated, & Chic with fierce can not be underestimated!

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Change is always great!!!!

Hey Strawbabies,
I am back I took a mini break to  reevaluate PS and figure out how I could make it better and reach all of you my strawbabies. Over the break, I decided to make quite a bit of changes. Hopefully, you will love these changes as much as I do and embrace them. I am growing as the process of blogging goes on and on. I want to be the best and take this blogging world to a total different platform. I am interested in so many things in fashion until sometimes I want to just pour through the pages with random thoughts and a unorganized view of fashion. This sometimes is the downfall of a designer spiraling out of control with no sense of organization. I wanted to incorporate all of my loves into one with some type of organization and this took quite a little thought process on my part.  I also have some new exciting categories I can’t wait to share with you. I am itching to prevail them to you. One by one. I mean “Rome wasn’t built in a day and PinkStrawberry can’t be either” So enjoy and keep following. XOXO Strawbabies.
PS  CarlynnThorntonMelvin

What is all the fuss about Nicki Minaj?

Nicki Minaj recently came out with a new perfume called " Pink Friday".  The perfume can be found in Macy's. The concept was a no brainer. New artist......perfume. Take a peek though at the bottle and tell me what you think Strawbabies? Have you tried it yet or are you waiting?

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Louis Vuitton S/S 2013

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Katy Perry Celebrates her birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday Katy Perry. Kathy Perry decides to get the ball rolling early for her birthday. She has a Halloween Theme birthday party and her birthday isn't until the 25th of this month. I guess it's always better early than late. Or now instead of later. I heart Katy Perry, she is a creative artist with lots of color. She NEVER disappoints me. I am always on the edge waiting to see exactly what's next.

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Who is the designer Louis Stewart?

Louis Stewart, “The man behind the bags” is an incognito type of designer to the average person. He does not believe in photo shoots or any type of mass market advertising.  He is an exclusive designer for the wealthy. Louis Stewart is a designer that has been creating quite a to do on the fashion and hip hop scene. The big question about his brand is where exactly can you purchase his collection?

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Is this creation iconic by Chanel?

Recently Chanel unveiled a bag. This bag was really over the top and for the brand Chanel, What isn't over the top! I just need a little feed back on this one Strawbabies, what do you think about Chanel's new hula hoop bag?  Is it iconic and would you sport this bag to the beach?
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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Emergency:Wardrobe Essentials

The most terrifying moment ever is being invited to the perfect event and not having anything to wear.  Strawbabies, have you ever been invited to an event and you couldn't decide exactly what to wear?  Well, I have and let me tell you at that moment the drama escalated to an all time frenzy to say the least. It was frustrating going from here to there in a minute to get the perfect attire.  From these experiences, I've learned to be smarter and there are just somethings ever woman should have in her closet. Here are my top five.
"The Little Black Dress"
The Little Black Dress can be dressed up or down in a jiffy and look great at any event.
"The Perfect Bra"
Your undergarments can make or break any sleek, perfect outfit. You should always be well put together under that perfect outfit.

"A Killer Pair of Jeans"
Dress your jean up or down. You can wear a fancy blouse and some serious stilettos or you could just wear that favorite tee and tennis shoes. Whatever the event is jeans could be the perfect choice.

"The Statement Shoe"
It is possibly to wear one simple solid color and have a pair of Statement Shoes. Statement Shoes take all the attention from the rest of the outfit and just make the eye zoom in on them.

"The Jewelry Box"
Last but not least. The Jewelry Box. Everyone need some type of candy whether it is arm candy, finger candy or just a simple necklace or piece. Accessorize.
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Julian R. Lark Kontrol Magazine Summer 2012

I recently got the opportunity to enjoy a dinner hosted by TalkingwithTami at The Aja Restaurant in Buckhead and I got to meet the editor of  Kontrol Magazine Julian R. Lark. He was an absolute pleasure to meet and he had some wonderful tips he shared with me and other bloggers.  He gave tips about the perfect camera and the importance of the perfect camera and how it could make you or break you in the blogging world. So of course, strawbabies I had to look him up and his pictures and that's when I spotted the cover of Kontrol Magazine Summer 2012.I know you guys it's fall but I had to reach back for a minute. Im glad I did.  The cover is knockdown gorgeous and the content is even more breathtaking. The stylist behind the cover was really up to par and I am still swooning over her. Julian also mentioned too at the dinner that he was a stylist so I am wondering Did he style her? Anywho, I do have a bit of info that I wanted to share about this fabulous cover.

 Cover:Dawn Richard
Jacket by Ann Fontane
Underwear by Vanity Showroom
Shoes by Wild Pair (Bakers)
Earrings by Bebe

Julian in action with TalkingwithTami & Mimi Faust from Love Hip Hop Atlanta
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Pantone Tangerine Tango Chevy

I love a clean car. I mean it just does something to me but to see one in one of the season's pantone colors is a phenomenal event. The Pantone color Tangerine Tango was truly a treat to see on this Chevy. I mean whoever thought that MEN were thinking of fashion colors when they painted this car. I mean who does this?  Well apparently this body shop did and I am really impressed!

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