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Welcome to PinkStawberry. Glad you finally made it to our blog. I started this blog to share my ideas and inspirations. I would also like to share new ideas for life's celebrations. I love to travel, entertain and party. But most of all I love my family and friends. My life is busy with my three wonderful kids and dog Biggie. But to top it all off I am loving my life and every little precious memory is worth celebrating. I love design, interior decorating, parties, social gatherings, weddings or any other small etsy reason to get together and have fun. So..... Enjoy life Carlynn

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Supa Cent Cyber Monday


Supa Cent made a pretty cent Cyber Monday. Supa Cent the African American mogul who is the mastermind behind the brand.  The Crayon Case racked in 1 million dollars in 90 minutes. Supa Cent pictured below is a force to be reckon with in the makeup industry. With her makeup cases selling out within minutes it’s not surprising that she reached the mark.

Supa Cent who is a New Orleans native humbly cried over her success as orders raked in and she hit the mark.
I am extremely proud of her success and Strawbabies we will just say she changed the game for the makeup industry this Cyber Monday 2018.
Congratulations are in order for this mogul and we over here at PinkStrawberry Events are looking
forward to many more great things to come for The Crayon Case brand.
Her makeup products are extremely cute and the colors are so vivid on women of color. Take a look and see what exactly The Crayon Case gives. Drip.Drip.Drip.

Support her as you support Kylie make the Billion dollar mark. I want to see Supa Cent there too. IJS

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Carlynn Thornton Melvin

Paparazzi Popping is my HUSTLE

Paparazzi Popping is my HUSTLE.
Well guys many of you don’t know but I am a disabled veteran trying to survive with what I have. To supplement my income I decided to try Paparazzi.
Paparazzi Popping is a legit legal Hustle. I sell $5 dollar bags and if you want the exotic you can get the ZI Collection for $25.
Let me give you an example of the product.

I know you are saying how could all of this be so legal and at the same time so rewarding.
Paparazzi Popping is a catch phrase for Paparazzi Accessories because the jewelry is always popping. Plus the no brainer is it’s $5. Win/ Win situation.
Let me share with you the situation and how to win is so possible.

So first, you get in touch with an consultant which hey of course that would be me.

My website is

Maybe, you are still skeptical about the whole situation. I got you. Try the product. Order some pieces and experience the quality of the jewelry.

Experience the attention you get from wearing the pieces and calmly thinking I didn’t break the bank with this purchase.

At this point, you can do two things. You can Feed your $5 habits or you can hustle to Feed your other habits.

Plus it’s the holiday season. When you support a small business you support a dream.

#paparazzipopping #thatjewelrylady #pinkstrawberrybling #veteranownedbusiness

Carlynn Thornton Melvin

Monday, November 26, 2018

It Takes GUTS


A real beginning is never easy. It takes GUTS.

As I type this post, I have pondered on the thought of me not reaching out on my blog. Quitting my blog and giving up on what I love and do best and that is write.

Honestly, I was inspired by a 10 year old who believes I am the most perfect human. She also believes I can do anything I want to because hey I’m a grown up. A drive to conquer was planted by a 16 year old who diligently and consistently puts forth the effort to be the best. I then took a closer look at a 20 year old college student who decided to drop everything to create music and follow an unconventional path in college. I mean,  I have consistently spoke greatness, dreams, perfection, motivation. CONQUERING..

But I fell off the bandwagon and pushed my passengers forward.

They had a captain sort of from the shore because the captain was too afraid to enter the ship on the journey. I was just coaching do as I say and not what I do.

The real inspiration in this entire story is they trucked this entire journey with me and their love is what feeds my heart and drive to continue. Their love pushed me to get back on the ship and be the Captain.  Your crew is only as good as the captain and well let’s just say I believe a destination can be charted enroute. If the captain is a believer. The journey could be the perfect destination of many destinations.

I guess you can say Life happens and things fall by the waist side while others get put back on this shelf if things are not perfect.

It’s only a dream. RIGHT.

Not so Right,  but this has been my mind frame when I thought of this blog. It’s a dream I will eventually get back to it. The days became months and those months became years.

As I reflect on the sensitive subject of time, I am reminded that life is not forever. When would this blog become to past if I constantly put off and made excuses for not starting.

 Pinkstrawberry Events was skin and bones and almost nonexistent. When I decided that the light was still glowing not as strong but it was there. I just had to fuel the fire and nourish the fruit.

My biggest supporters reminded me constantly of the blog run and the life I had created with an open book journal.

When I begin this blog I was utterly excited and very enthusiastic about my new journey as a blogger.

I wanted a way to express myself without having a million and one journals or pieces of paper taking over my life

Initially, I wanted to be TRANSPARENT.

Yeah, right not until MY life happened.

It happened and I guess I can say my Transparent Journal📓 somehow went to the private setting.

I no longer wanted to discuss my life as I knew it. I wanted to pretend everything was still flourishing and that everything was as You knew it.

Blogging was definitely  not an option. How could I be sooo TRANSPARENT when things on social media seemed and looked so perfect.

At the time, my life was in total chaos. Everything crumbled as a domino effect took place.

See when I started blogging I somehow had this perfect life. American dream type life and then the Storm hit and BOY did it hit.

Over the years, blogging fell some place in my life and in the end it fell by the waist side to say the least.

My blog sort of  DIED.

The events started to become scarce because of my lack of RSVPing, the events started to feel like some type of facade.

Issues discussed were no longer my issues I was somewhat in a totally different place.

I was not operating in my life at a level of consistency or love.

I was in Survival Mode. I was no longer living or creating the life I dreamed  of I was tasked with
everyday real people issues. So I thought.

Real people I thought. To this point I was blessed and highly favored not to have any type of traumatic issue. I had a fairly blessed life to this point .

I didn’t know what it was to only be able to say GOD help me.

My prayer was three words GOD HELP ME.

I was following the motions and surviving literally hour to hour. Day to Day.

But with the recent events and just life PinkStrawberry Events somehow came full circle for me and at the end it withstood the test of time, trials, tribulations, celebrations as well as my disappointments.

I realized today that a dream is just that until you put forth the effort and dedication to create it into something that is REAL.

I also came up with the realization that my blog can not write itself there has to be an Author.

The Author to my blog was me.

I have pondered literally hours and I mean for real, for real. I have pondered for years on how I can start back blogging consistently.

How could I make this an eloquent piece of my life without offending and pleasing everyone while blogging?

How could I discuss real life issues, how dare me tell you the real truths of my perfect life.

How can I start back exactly where I left off?

The truth of the matter and the reality of things were I couldn’t start where I left off or could I please all of my dear Strawbabies.

I had to start.

How easy that sounded.

I had to start where I am right now.

The truth somehow shattered me because I literally had to start over if this thing was going to be authentic and REAL.

I had to do the groundwork over and somehow appeal to the new Strawbabies I picked up along the way.

So today, I decided to begin my New Journey.

My blog  has changed because hey I’ve changed.

I even added a couple new topics I wanted to explore with you.

I hope you enjoy my upcoming posts and adventures.

To be honest some topics might not be so great to discuss but Hey we will get through those hurdles together.

Life is not all about Rainbows 🌈 anyway. There will be valleys and storms ☔️ .

The real test and score with the triumphs are the manner in which you complete and survive.

Survival is no longer the only option for me but it is the option. My goal is to show you through blogging that real people experience real issues. I want to show you that your journey is just that yours. I want to show you that you can be the hero or heroine in your story.

See you on the flip side and on my Blog Journey.

Carlynn Thornton
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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Thumbs Up Diner Atlanta

My honest opinion. I was not paid or coherence to do this post. Well slightly, my stomach did.
 I had to share with you guys a cool breakfast spot. I have eaten here many of times and well its just too good to just not tell you about it.
I enjoyed this particular experience on a Tuesday morning. I always visit the location that is located
at  573 Edgewood Ave SE Atlanta Ga 30312.
The whole experience was excellent as usual and of course I was always meaning to blog about it.
Okay, so my waitress was very attentive to my needs. The wait was short and my food arrived swiftly.
I ordered the Skillet Heap and it is definitely a heap of goodness. It is so much of a heap that I could not muster it all in one table setting. I had a heap for later.
I also ordered a homemade biscuit which melted in my mouth with every single bite.
I was so pleased that Strawbabies it's truly a Thumbs Up.
See you there next time for Breakfast Behavior.


#atlantablogger   #atlantainfluencer    #thumbsupdineratlanta    #atlantatravelblogger

Carlynn Thornton Melvin

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Expose Yourself and Conquer your FEAR.


Well its all about self help on here. Conquering. Living and just enjoying the short moments we have here on earth. Okay, so let me tell you about this.

I am afraid of heights. Actually afraid is a understatement. Let me rephrase that.


Yeah, this past weekend. I conquered a fear. Okay, I know you are saying how. Well first off let me tell you I didn't start off being afraid of heights. I fell 7 stories so I started being afraid of heights. Let me explain. It was kind of weird because as long as I am in a plane or in a building I am okay looking at the skyline or the view. But lets say you tell me to go on the roof top or stand on top of a mountain or just be outside and suspended in the air. NOPE couldn't do it .  Well this weekend all that changed for your girl.

I made up in my mind that FEAR is a weakness. FEAR will make me miss my blessings and my calling. If you put it on a mountain top outside Strawbabies your girl right here would have missed the mark.

I have snowboarded, skied. bungee jumped, um been in the ALPs. Been to the top of the Eiffel Tower all before I fell. After I fell I just had a fear of I guess falling again and this time maybe not coming out so blessed.

Anywho, I told my mind I would NEVER. I trained my mind to stop living my life. I live a um adventurous life. So heights in my life are kind of a way of  life for me because somethings I have to go heights to get to them.

How can you soar with eagles and you are afraid of  Heights?

                       Answer: You CAN'T BECAUSE EAGLES SOAR THE HEIGHTS.

So, I made up in my mind to do it. Conquer it. So this is what I did.

I drove to Amicalola Falls. Yessss Chasing Waterfalls. I got in my car and headed 2 hours north of Atlanta to conquer a fear. On top of conquering this fear. I was celebrating my brother's birthday and in remembrance I wanted to PUSH through and use all the things he taught me. One of them was PUSH.

At the base of the Waterfall.

The Waterfall. Photo Credit

Stairs leading up to the top of the Falls. Photo credit

The base of the waterfall. People were fishing here.

The moment I pulled over to take a breath and moment to realize. I conquered a FEAR.

I encourage you to make this beautiful journey also. You will surely love the beautiful views and cool breezes. The scenery is captivating and the waterfall lets just say it was AMAZING. There were even people there fishing for Trout.

On my quest. I drove up the mountain. Stood out and looked over the mountain. So a view I would have never have seen if I hadn't decided to just Conquer and Defeat.

I had a wonderful experience and I will most definitely be going back soon.

Did I say there was fishing?

Question for you Strawbabies.....

What FEAR do you need to conquer and defeat?

This is your year and everything attached to me is winning . So this means if you are reading this you are a Strawbaby and you are attached to me and we are winning.


Carlynn Thornton

Water your garden daily


As life goes on and evolves on its axis daily. We often go through storms, trials and experience many loss. During these experiences we often loose sight of the dream or the baby that you were birthing. Sometimes you get away from the things you love and hold dear and just go into survival mode to just keep a float.

Honestly, Strawbabies that's where I have been just trying to keep a float and pass the moments until everything feels real again. I was waiting for the perfect timing to relaunch. I was waiting for the perfect timing to start blogging again. I was really just waiting to start living again. As I blog this post I am in the perfect place to start blogging again because guess what I am blogging. I have tons to catch you up on and I have even experienced some life experiences at some point Strawbabies we will talk about.

I hope everyone is living and thriving and being the best Strawbaby ever because you know we sprinkle glitter every place we go and in every moment we experience.
I also want you to know that it is possible to keep pushing and win.

My new thing that keeps me going now is "Everything attached to me wins"  I got this inspiration from a gospel singer. I feel like this song really just pushed me out there to where I need to be.

My mindset is WINNING.

My blog was a dream of mines that I blogged through my experiences and shared all these things with you. Lately, I retreated into privacy and just focused on somethings that I needed to do. I had to conquer some things, I had to lose somethings, I gained somethings. I met new people. I let some things just go. I focused on me and my family and things that I hold near and dear. I wondered at times through all of this how is all of this possible and how did I get to almost being nonexistent. I never figured that one out till this very moment. I don't know how i let so many weeds grow in my garden. I don't know why I left my garden unattended for so long. My garden um looked like a jungle. So I started weeding, watering and growing. Nurturing my garden. I had to start somewhere.

I hope this post inspires you to Water your garden daily. Its your garden. You know how you want your garden to look. You know what you would like in it. People will come to your garden and give their opinions. Even try to destroy the garden you built. You have to realize that This is your garden and you have to water it daily to SURVIVE.

I hope this song inspires you as much as it inspired me.

Carlynn Thornton