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Thursday, September 20, 2012

TalkingwithTami gets the Scoop from Mimi Faust

I recently went to a dinner with TalkingwithTami at the Aja Restaurant in Buckhead. She hosted a late dinner for bloggers and when I say it was a treat. It was a treat. I am still in PinkStrawberry heaven with all the information I learned and she told it like it was. She gave so much information until at one point I thought she was going to say that's enough "Chile Bye". I love TalkingwithTami Strawbabies and I love her brand and her blog is..... I mean that's my blog addiction. I get up and that is a daily read for me and she is funny... Anywho, we had this nice dinner and she had some special guests too.
One of her special guest was Mimi Faust from Love Hip Hop Atlanta which was a pleasant surprise. I mean she was such a sweetheart . She basically talked about her life and the whole reality TV scene.  I mean geesh just.
Check out the video:,
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Perimeter Mall Fashion Night Out

Fashion Night Out was amazing. This year I went to FNO at Perimeter Mall. I picked Perimeter Mall because it had alot of wears and designs from my fellow classmates and professors from AIU Atlanta. Plus the mall's retailers walked the catwalk with their latest and greatest.  It was a great show I must say even though I go to many shows the atmosphere was incredible.  You strawbabies take a look for yourself and you decide. Like or Dislike. The runway was fierce. The up and coming designers were fierce! The retailers were fierce! The models were fierce! You get it,  THE SHOW WAS FIERCE!!

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BBQ Pit Masters at Atlantic Station

I love me some barbeque. I was raised on that stuff. You strawbabies know I'm a country gal from Fort Gaines, Georgia. I mean just country. Anywho, we will save where I'm from for another topic on a different day, but this weekend. I got to be a part of the Atlanta Barbeque Festival and on top of that they were there filming "BBQ Pitmasters"
Well if any of you love barbeque and are familiar it is a TV show that comes on. Well, just scroll down I've included a clip of that too. I mean strawbabies I want you to be informed. About this barbeque thing because if you didn't know. Now you know and you have really been missing a real good thing if you don't do barbeque or if you really don't like barbeque. If you even say I really don't like it I have to say that it is sooo many kinds of barbeque, good barbeque that is if you get a hold to the right sauce and that tender meat.
 Strawbabies...... Break....I need me a barbeque sandwich. Just keep reading. I will back in a few....

Almost forgot, Take a look below. This is Mr.Melvin's barbeque. Ken's Wet Wets. Mr.Melvin is a beast too on that grill but anywho.Break.........Let me go get me a sandmich for they are gone. Lol.
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Not One..But Two.It's Three Wil3Harris

I recently met the most interesting Trio. Triplets. Wilneka, Wilmonia and Wiletta!! I know you are saying well I've seen Triplets before duh. Anywho to you. For me that's interesting in itself. But for me what was soo intriguing about these three are they are drumroll please.... Fashion Bloggers.  I met these three at the ASB 1 year Anniversary.  They were very fun to be around. Then on top of that strawbabies they all look alike duh.. They are triplets. But they each are very different in their own fashion style and right. I absolutely positively thought I had completely over did it at Whiskey Blue. I had to look at my drink again. Oo. I had soda. he.he. at first glimpse you have to say did she change clothes again and again. Now just wait a minute. O it's three.


Wil3Harris & Mattie
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The Almost Perfect Sandwich

The Almost Perfect Sandwich. Yeah I said it almost because I didn't make it. HeHe. Anywho, Strawbabies I recently went to enjoy a day of shopping at Atlantic Station and I was walking around and enjoying the whole scene and I stumbled across...

Apparently, they have different locations too. I loved it. I ordered the Wicked. It was good too. When you first get there. You choose your bag here. On the bag with a marker or crayon you choose your ingredients you want on your sandwich fixings or whatever. Wait let me rewind!! First you have to pick the number of the sandwich you want that determines what bag you get 1,2,3 etc. Then you choose whether you want mayo or mustard. Iceberg or Spinach, bell peppers, onions. You name it, you pick it and they will put it on your sandwich. Well you guys know I'm the greedy type so I got the Wicked which has 5 meats and 3 cheeses and hmmm. hmmm. good. I must admit. I will be be going back frequently. I mean it's nothing like a good sandwich.

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ASB celebrates 1 year!!

Atlanta Style Bloggers celebrates one year anniversary at Whiskey Blue at the W Hotel. It was a complete night of fun in the stylish bar Whiskey Blue.  I got to meet alot of Atlanta Style Bloggers and fashion people that were out to help ASB celebrate their anniversary. Mattie, who founded ASB hosted the event.  The atmosphere was so inviting and upbeat and everyone had a great time.  I was excited to be a part of this epic event and can't wait to see what ASB has to offer years to come. I love to meet fellow blogger and fashion gurus. I feel soooooo warm and fuzzy and comfortable in a place where I know people have the same interests and likes as me. Anywho Congratulations to ASB.

Patio at Whiskey Blue

Bloggers Helouise Verstraete, WilHarris3 and Me PinkStrawberry

Mattie the host from Mattieologie
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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Actor from Green Mile Michael Clarke Duncan dies

Michael Clarke Duncan dies at the age of 54.   He was a great actor and played in one of my all time favorites Green Mile. RIP Michael Duncan..........

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