Thursday, September 20, 2012

TalkingwithTami gets the Scoop from Mimi Faust

I recently went to a dinner with TalkingwithTami at the Aja Restaurant in Buckhead. She hosted a late dinner for bloggers and when I say it was a treat. It was a treat. I am still in PinkStrawberry heaven with all the information I learned and she told it like it was. She gave so much information until at one point I thought she was going to say that's enough "Chile Bye". I love TalkingwithTami Strawbabies and I love her brand and her blog is..... I mean that's my blog addiction. I get up and that is a daily read for me and she is funny... Anywho, we had this nice dinner and she had some special guests too.
One of her special guest was Mimi Faust from Love Hip Hop Atlanta which was a pleasant surprise. I mean she was such a sweetheart . She basically talked about her life and the whole reality TV scene.  I mean geesh just.
Check out the video:,
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