Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Not One..But Two.It's Three Wil3Harris

I recently met the most interesting Trio. Triplets. Wilneka, Wilmonia and Wiletta!! I know you are saying well I've seen Triplets before duh. Anywho to you. For me that's interesting in itself. But for me what was soo intriguing about these three are they are drumroll please.... Fashion Bloggers.  I met these three at the ASB 1 year Anniversary.  They were very fun to be around. Then on top of that strawbabies they all look alike duh.. They are triplets. But they each are very different in their own fashion style and right. I absolutely positively thought I had completely over did it at Whiskey Blue. I had to look at my drink again. Oo. I had soda. he.he. at first glimpse you have to say did she change clothes again and again. Now just wait a minute. O it's three.


Wil3Harris & Mattie
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