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Monday, August 27, 2012

Intern Wanted!!!!

PinkStrawberry Events is currently looking for a fashion intern in the Atlanta area for our fashion blog and company. If you are interested please email me a resume' and cover letter with contact information.  @

Be Inthavong's Handbag Collection

Strawbabies, I am really feeling fashion accessories designer Be Inthavong!!! He came on the fashion scene in 2004.  He was also a partner in the handbag brand BE&D with Steve Dumain.  Then in 2009, he left that brand to create his own signature brand Be Inthavong.  In his line, he incorporates his western upbringing and Laotian heritage.  It takes a entire month worth of work to create each piece.  His bags are carried exclusively by Saks Fifth Avenue and the prices range from $599 upward.

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Priceless Inspirations Book By Celebrity Toya Wright Giveaway!!!

Yes, you read it correctly. I am giving away Toya Wright's book "Priceless Inspirations". Lately, she has been in the spotlight with her marriage and her husband's X. negatively.  I think she has taken the high road and she deserves some type of credit for this. I also read that she is suing for not getting enough exposure for this book.  I must say that I read this book months ago and I have to agree this was a priceless inspiration for me. I am a big reader, so of course I saw the book but if you are not you probably didn't see it until recently. I am very proud of her accomplishments with this book and I must say that she is truly a priceless inspiration for all women to take the high road. Sometimes and only during emergencies is it necessary to be in the low lane and at those times it is a crisis, IE your family, your children and or your business/ brand. At these times I must say you do what it is deemed necessary to do to stand your position and ground. Well.....enough of that.

Here are the contest rules for a chance to win a copy of Priceless Inspirations.

1.Like my Facebook Page PinkStrawberry Events
2. Become a friend on Carlynn Thornton Melvin
3.Go to @ToyaWright and tell her why she is a priceless inspiration
and use hashtag #pinkstrawberry(The reason I want you to tell her is sometimes it's really nice to know that someone is in your corner when you are trying to do the right thing and stay civil)
4. Follow me on twitter @Pink_Strwberry

Good Luck!!!  Strawbabies!! The winner will be announced Friday, August 31, 2012 at 12 noon.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Louis Vuitton Tre'sor Mira Minaudiere

The French Company Louis Vuitton is known for their luxury goods and wears.  The brand is a favorite with us fashionistas and strawbabies.  Louis Vuitton has I mean stopped the show with this showstopper the Tre'sor Mira Minaudiere. I mean it comes with a hefty price to to stop this show. At a whooping estimated $7900.  I'm still dreaming!!!!

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Monique lhuillier Dresses Resort 2012

I am living this fantasy of special occasions and weddings today. I mean a good formal event with the black tie. I am seeing hors d'oeuvres and trinkets. I see ice sculptures cascaded across a table with tons and tons of fruit and cheeses. I see wine and champagne. I am in this ballroom with 100s of guests and then.............I wake up. So, to  finish my dream I wanted to step it up today and be elegant. I am dreaming of Monique Lhuillier, her dresses are so exquisite and designed to perfection. I mean you could even wear this as a wedding dress if that's your fancy. I mean I'm all about being an individual and this would be the perfect wear for an elegant affair.

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Proenza Schouler's Handbags

Strawbabies, I had to just take you back in the past or a season back and just mention this bag. This is Proenza Schouler's Spring 2012 handbag. But I am loving this for the summer too. I would could definetly see these with a summer outfit or too. Couldn't you?

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Fendi Eyeglasses

More sunglasses, for the summer. That are very different. I mean what heads will you turn with the Fendi Eyeglasses this summer.

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Mott 50 Fashion Line

Finally, a clothing line that offers UPF sun protection in every garment.  Mott 50 says their mission is "to offer stylish, easy to wear approach to sun protection and to educate consumers about the effects of sun damage and how effortlessly it can be avoided. I mean the future is here Strawbabies, clothing that protects you from the sun. Well, all clothing does that to an extent if you are covered. But Mott 50 takes this innovation to a whole different level. The part about Mott's that excites me about this whole UPF sun protection is they are stylish and fashionable. So, you look good as well as protecting yourself and Strawbabies it is very important to take care of your bodies and keep your bodies healthy by any means necessary. You are only given one body so why not treat it well?   By treating your body well, it will treat you well and last you a lifetime.

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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Venessa Arizaga Jewelry

Thinking of Venessa Arizaga collections of bold statement jewelry with colorful charms and luxe chains to accessorize one of my end of the summer outfits.  What do you think Strawbabies about her collection?

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Nicole Richie Thierry Lasry's Sunglasses

Lately, I have been beside myself with the sunglasses. I mean anything to stop this sun from melting me. I need to feel like I am in Antarctica if not. I mean, I want to be cool. I love sunglasses Strawbabies,  I know you probably figured that out like 20 stories back. I am obsessed with sunglasses this season!!! Fall/Winter is approaching fast, so while the sun is out and beaming why not accessorize with sunglasses. That is the perfect solution to that beautiful sun glaring in your eyes!!!

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Friday, August 3, 2012

DeLaneau Timepieces

I am head over heels in love with DeLaneau timepieces which include such collections as The Atelier, Arts & Complications, Jewelry Timepieces and The Essentials. The first look and I was swooning in watch heaven, I mean, really. Is this possible for a watch to look like this? Uh, yeah and Delaneau has not disappointed. Strawbabies, this is unheard of.  These timepieces are one of a kind and can not be mistaken for any other timepiece around the world. This timepiece is in a league of its own.

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Terri Silacci Snakeskin Manicure

Terry Silacci, nail artist of Deliciously Polished nail salon is infamous for creating the Python pedicure, where she uses real snakeskin to create her nail art. She has a phenomenal imagination for her very unique designs, customs and finishes. I'm not particularly in favor of all those creepy crawlers especially not snakes. But we are talking nails, I mean I would love to be all wrapped of with a snake, that is on my nails of course.

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Prada Eyewear

I know the summer is almost over, but the sun is still out and it's blazing. I'm looking at the thermometer and it's reading the 100s.  Anywho, you get my picture. It's hot out here. I ran across or maybe walked across these fashion statement sunglasses of course. I mean, you put these on. Just the glasses and nothing else and you are ready. Kidding, with some clothes and I'm pretty sure these are head turners and please don't  be careless and toss these babies around or plan out forget them at the table or something of the sort. I mean because I'm pretty sure, well almost positive you will never see these glasses again. They are a very hott commodity.

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