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Monday, August 6, 2012

Mott 50 Fashion Line

Finally, a clothing line that offers UPF sun protection in every garment.  Mott 50 says their mission is "to offer stylish, easy to wear approach to sun protection and to educate consumers about the effects of sun damage and how effortlessly it can be avoided. I mean the future is here Strawbabies, clothing that protects you from the sun. Well, all clothing does that to an extent if you are covered. But Mott 50 takes this innovation to a whole different level. The part about Mott's that excites me about this whole UPF sun protection is they are stylish and fashionable. So, you look good as well as protecting yourself and Strawbabies it is very important to take care of your bodies and keep your bodies healthy by any means necessary. You are only given one body so why not treat it well?   By treating your body well, it will treat you well and last you a lifetime.

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