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Welcome to PinkStawberry. Glad you finally made it to our blog. I started this blog to share my ideas and inspirations. I would also like to share new ideas for life's celebrations. I love to travel, entertain and party. But most of all I love my family and friends. My life is busy with my three wonderful kids and dog Biggie. But to top it all off I am loving my life and every little precious memory is worth celebrating. I love design, interior decorating, parties, social gatherings, weddings or any other small etsy reason to get together and have fun. So..... Enjoy life Carlynn

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Birth of A Strawberry and the SNAPBACK

Dear Strawbabies,

As I type this letter to you, it is one of gratefulness and gratitude to you guys. My Strawbabies have stayed loyal and very patient. You have traveled the journey with me and at times have checked consistently for that next blog post and I am thankful. I am appreciative of your interest in my brand. At times, I was shooting aimlessly and at times dying inside. But through it all, I managed to stand and continue working as I heal and I have strived to become a better person all around.

My brand is the evolution of  A Strawberry. My favorite fruit is a strawberry and my favorite color is pink. Strawberry + Pink = PINKSTRAWBERRY.  The Strawberry which is me in the end creates beautiful and wonderfully made works of art that is heaven sent. I have made quite a few changes that I felt were for the survival of my brand.  During the upcoming months,  it is my desire to share my vision of  PinkStrawberry Events.

My campaign is "The Birth of a Strawberry and the SNAPBACK". This campaign and snapback is dedicated to my brother Cedric Arnel Thornton "Snapper" Watch me heal as I work and create.

Thanks in advance for your continued support and loyalty. It is my desire to Birth my baby PinkStrawberry and in the process to dedicate my creative muses to CED.

As you journey with me, it is my intentions to create on another level in order to honor his transition and my dedication to my healing process to overcome.

I would like to show my Strawbabies that Love Conquers all Hatred and a Strawberry can grow through cultivation and perseverance.

Carlynn Thornton Melvin