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Monday, January 28, 2013

PS Kassie's Shoes & Thangs

I am pleased to announce that Kassaundra from Kassie's Shoes & Thangs will be doing a weekly post on Mondays. PS The Shoe Picks of the Week. I am super excited. I love her shoe picks and I had to share with you my shoe picks from her. I am also adding shoes that you can purchase from her weekly picks. Kassie's Shoes & Thangs located in Atlanta is a shoe addicts dream. Well, its more like a piece of heaven on earth. KasSaundra Stark-Ringer created Kassie's Shoes & Thangs in June 2010.  KasSaundra who is a native of Texas was introduced to footwear as a child playing in her grandmother's closet. From these first experiences a dream was born which it today Kassie's Shoes & Thangs.

Kassie created this shoe business for Shoe Addicts and Lovers of Shoes. KasSaundra from Kassie's Shoes & Thangs eye for shoes is a unique pull. She has the ability to match a shoe with your style and create a lifestyle for the shoe lover. She personally shops for each client's shoes and partners them up with your wardrobe for the perfect look.  

Kassie's Shoes & Thangs caters shoes for every event and loves the exclusiveness of having that perfect unforgettable shoe.  Here are a couple pics from our consultation and I have some picks she pulled for me.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

& More Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

KasSaundra from Kassie's Shoes& Thangs and Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

My shoes, Shoe One

Shoe Two

& Shoe Three

So, What do you think Strawbabies??? I think I'm a Shoe Addict. Thanks to KasSaundra from Kassie's Shoes & Thangs
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Carlynn Thornton Melvin

Monday, January 21, 2013

PS Beyonce In Emilio Pucci at the InAuguration

Beyonce showed up and showed out while performing the national anthem for our president Mr.Barack Obama. Beyonce arrived in style rocking an Emilio Pucci dress. The Emilio Pucci's dress fitted Beyonce elegantly as she performed for our great nation. Beyonce was escorted by her husband Jay Z.  Jay Z and Beyonce gracefully attended the InAuguration for our president Mr. Barack Obama to be sworn in . Beyonce could not have picked a better choice than Emilio Pucci for this great occasion. 

Photo Credits: Getty Images & Billboard
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Carlynn Thornton Melvin

PS The VBAR Lady

Carlynn Thornton Melvin

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Jewelry Making by blogger Helouise Verstraete

 I had the opportunity to meet blogger Helouise Verstraete from Farielle Design. She is a jewelry designer and also she loves to cook. She has some extraordinary jewelry pieces that I just love and she inspires me to pick up with my jewelry making again and perhaps cook a gourmet meal or two. What I love so much about her blog is that it is a daily journal for her family back in Bonaire and it is also a wonderful spread of her handmade jewelry. She records and jots her day to day experiences so her family back home can keep up with her. She is a beautiful person inside and out.  I can't wait to catch up with this diva again sometime soon. Strawbabies, I hope you enjoy her jewelry pieces as much as I did.

Helouise Verstraete

 A dish created by Helouise Verstraete
Another yummy dish by Helouise Verstraete....
 Handmade Jewelry by HelouiseVerstraete
 Handmade Jewerly by Helouise Verstraete
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PS On the Red Carpet at the Golden Globes

On Sunday in Los Angeles, celebrities arrived on the red carpet before the event with couture and simply elegant gowns. They all were beautiful, but I do have my favorites.  The haute couture stained the red carpet graciously with such designers as Atelier Versace, Monique Lhuillier and Zuhair Murad to name a few. These designers creations were breathtaking and unforgettable. Here are some of my favs....

J.Lo in Zuhair Murad
Photo Credits: Getty

 Zuhair Murad Collection 2013

Halle Berry in Atelier Versace          

 Atelier Versace Collection 2013

Julianne Hough in Monique Lhuillier

Monique Lhuillier Collection 2013

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Carlynn Thornton Melvin

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

PS Taylor Says

Eight days in the New Year and I have already spotted the stiletto of the year.  The shoe  industry has really stepped the bar up this year to include imagination, color as well as artistic abilities. It has only been two days and I am so amazed with the new shoes on the scene. I absolutely, positively love red bottoms but the new bottoms are something serious. At first site of the 2013 shoe collection,  I was intrigued by the brand.
   Taylor Reeves, a shoe prodigy of some sort has come up with a true Headturner. Her shoe collection, “ Taylor Says” is an artist canvas on the bottom of a stiletto. Who would have ever guessed it in a million years. I guess Taylor did.
     The brand’s collection range from $119 to $249. Her imagination ran wildly in of all places on the bottom of a shoe. Her artwork is truly a traveling canvas. On top of the fabulous shoe collection, Taylor named her shoes with names like Fierce, Freddie and Lookie. How Fab is that?
She has really made the shoe industry truly go in a different direction. The bottoms will
now be a beautiful canvas of not only red but a picture of one’s imagination.

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Carlynn Thornton Melvin

Splurge on The Blue Door Boutique

I am totally in love before I even step one foot in the place. Never had that experience before but like my mom says"Keep living"  Anywho I was surfing and chatting on facebook with friends back home and in my friends like section, she had "The Blue Door Boutique". So Strawberries, that made my fashion radar go off completely. My friend, the cheapskate has a boutique in her like section I mean like really.
So, a little skeptical and a little nosey too because I am always talking boutique this, boutique that. I mean while in Europe for six years who didn't go to a boutique. Anywho, by way of facebook stalking I had a great opportunity to experience "The Blue Door Boutique" via facebook. I mean I would have run over there if it was here because I absolutely, positively loved everything I saw. But Strawberries, it's in Columbus, Georgia.
So, sometime real soon in my near future this is on my agenda for a day visit. I think this is a worth while trip. I have to see what's really popping over here because from what I see this has to be one of my favorite boutiques so far. I also read the about section and they said they would love to see you soon. So watch out Columbus, here we come.And you know Strawberries I will be keeping you in the loop. More pictures of my day trip to come. Please feel free to send questions that you would like for me to ask the owner and brain behind "The Blue Door Boutique".
Anywho, enough of the talking lets get to the shopping!!

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Carlynn Thornton Melvin

PS :Emerald Green is 2013 Pantone Color

Pantone's color of the year Emerald Green is a color of envious fashion.  The deep hue green is remarkable and very tasteful for this year's theme.  Emerald Green will be explored in every facet of fashion this year to create a remembrance of this hue of green.  I am excited and deeply in love with Emerald and everything it has to offer for many years to come.  I also would like to give you a taste and hint of Emerald Green. The color of the year.

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Enjoy Emerald,
Carlynn Thornton Melvin

PS:ITS the year 2013!!!!!

Happy New Year's. I hope as the days arrive you are prepared and ready to tackle the world.  The turning of the year bought back so much enthusiasm and a strong sense of new beginnings. Companies and people have started out full swing to get in the hang of progression. People are excited and even thrilled to be able to take a breath of this 2013 air. I know I am. I feel very blessed. I am excited about a couple of new beginnings and trends myself. So, I decided to start you off with these tiny bits that have my mind in an uproar already about 2013.

Pantone's chosen color this year is Emerald Green.

Kanye West and Kim Kardasian announced a new arrival. Which press have already configured a name for KIMYE.
Photo credit: Denise Truscello Getty images

Baby Blue Ivy is turning one.

The trends are here and in.  Fashion has started everywhere.  Target is also offering deep discounts on the Neiman Marcus dibs that were hard pressed right during the holidays. Plus, my favorite day of the year, Valentine's Day is right around the corner.

So, Strawbabies by now you are well arrived in 2013.

This year PinkStrawberry's goal is to explore territory's of unforeseen fashion and update you Strawbabies on my fabulous hard to finds.

Thanks to each and everyone of you, Strawbabies for supporting me and Happy New Year!!!!!
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Carlynn Thornton Melvin