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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

PS:ITS the year 2013!!!!!

Happy New Year's. I hope as the days arrive you are prepared and ready to tackle the world.  The turning of the year bought back so much enthusiasm and a strong sense of new beginnings. Companies and people have started out full swing to get in the hang of progression. People are excited and even thrilled to be able to take a breath of this 2013 air. I know I am. I feel very blessed. I am excited about a couple of new beginnings and trends myself. So, I decided to start you off with these tiny bits that have my mind in an uproar already about 2013.

Pantone's chosen color this year is Emerald Green.

Kanye West and Kim Kardasian announced a new arrival. Which press have already configured a name for KIMYE.
Photo credit: Denise Truscello Getty images

Baby Blue Ivy is turning one.

The trends are here and in.  Fashion has started everywhere.  Target is also offering deep discounts on the Neiman Marcus dibs that were hard pressed right during the holidays. Plus, my favorite day of the year, Valentine's Day is right around the corner.

So, Strawbabies by now you are well arrived in 2013.

This year PinkStrawberry's goal is to explore territory's of unforeseen fashion and update you Strawbabies on my fabulous hard to finds.

Thanks to each and everyone of you, Strawbabies for supporting me and Happy New Year!!!!!
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