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Welcome to PinkStawberry. Glad you finally made it to our blog. I started this blog to share my ideas and inspirations. I would also like to share new ideas for life's celebrations. I love to travel, entertain and party. But most of all I love my family and friends. My life is busy with my three wonderful kids and dog Biggie. But to top it all off I am loving my life and every little precious memory is worth celebrating. I love design, interior decorating, parties, social gatherings, weddings or any other small etsy reason to get together and have fun. So..... Enjoy life Carlynn

Monday, January 28, 2013

PS Kassie's Shoes & Thangs

I am pleased to announce that Kassaundra from Kassie's Shoes & Thangs will be doing a weekly post on Mondays. PS The Shoe Picks of the Week. I am super excited. I love her shoe picks and I had to share with you my shoe picks from her. I am also adding shoes that you can purchase from her weekly picks. Kassie's Shoes & Thangs located in Atlanta is a shoe addicts dream. Well, its more like a piece of heaven on earth. KasSaundra Stark-Ringer created Kassie's Shoes & Thangs in June 2010.  KasSaundra who is a native of Texas was introduced to footwear as a child playing in her grandmother's closet. From these first experiences a dream was born which it today Kassie's Shoes & Thangs.

Kassie created this shoe business for Shoe Addicts and Lovers of Shoes. KasSaundra from Kassie's Shoes & Thangs eye for shoes is a unique pull. She has the ability to match a shoe with your style and create a lifestyle for the shoe lover. She personally shops for each client's shoes and partners them up with your wardrobe for the perfect look.  

Kassie's Shoes & Thangs caters shoes for every event and loves the exclusiveness of having that perfect unforgettable shoe.  Here are a couple pics from our consultation and I have some picks she pulled for me.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

& More Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

KasSaundra from Kassie's Shoes& Thangs and Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

My shoes, Shoe One

Shoe Two

& Shoe Three

So, What do you think Strawbabies??? I think I'm a Shoe Addict. Thanks to KasSaundra from Kassie's Shoes & Thangs
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  1. Thank you Carlynn for the love! Kassie Shoes & Thangs and will support PinkStrawberry Events!

    KasSaundra Ringer
    Kassie Shoes & Thangs