Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Splurge on The Blue Door Boutique

I am totally in love before I even step one foot in the place. Never had that experience before but like my mom says"Keep living"  Anywho I was surfing and chatting on facebook with friends back home and in my friends like section, she had "The Blue Door Boutique". So Strawberries, that made my fashion radar go off completely. My friend, the cheapskate has a boutique in her like section I mean like really.
So, a little skeptical and a little nosey too because I am always talking boutique this, boutique that. I mean while in Europe for six years who didn't go to a boutique. Anywho, by way of facebook stalking I had a great opportunity to experience "The Blue Door Boutique" via facebook. I mean I would have run over there if it was here because I absolutely, positively loved everything I saw. But Strawberries, it's in Columbus, Georgia.
So, sometime real soon in my near future this is on my agenda for a day visit. I think this is a worth while trip. I have to see what's really popping over here because from what I see this has to be one of my favorite boutiques so far. I also read the about section and they said they would love to see you soon. So watch out Columbus, here we come.And you know Strawberries I will be keeping you in the loop. More pictures of my day trip to come. Please feel free to send questions that you would like for me to ask the owner and brain behind "The Blue Door Boutique".
Anywho, enough of the talking lets get to the shopping!!

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Carlynn Thornton Melvin

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