Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Emergency:Wardrobe Essentials

The most terrifying moment ever is being invited to the perfect event and not having anything to wear.  Strawbabies, have you ever been invited to an event and you couldn't decide exactly what to wear?  Well, I have and let me tell you at that moment the drama escalated to an all time frenzy to say the least. It was frustrating going from here to there in a minute to get the perfect attire.  From these experiences, I've learned to be smarter and there are just somethings ever woman should have in her closet. Here are my top five.
"The Little Black Dress"
The Little Black Dress can be dressed up or down in a jiffy and look great at any event.
"The Perfect Bra"
Your undergarments can make or break any sleek, perfect outfit. You should always be well put together under that perfect outfit.

"A Killer Pair of Jeans"
Dress your jean up or down. You can wear a fancy blouse and some serious stilettos or you could just wear that favorite tee and tennis shoes. Whatever the event is jeans could be the perfect choice.

"The Statement Shoe"
It is possibly to wear one simple solid color and have a pair of Statement Shoes. Statement Shoes take all the attention from the rest of the outfit and just make the eye zoom in on them.

"The Jewelry Box"
Last but not least. The Jewelry Box. Everyone need some type of candy whether it is arm candy, finger candy or just a simple necklace or piece. Accessorize.
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