Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ralph Lauren in the Olympics

Hee Hee, Fooled you. The brand is not participating in a sport, they are styling the uniforms. There was a little controversy too about the uniforms being made in China. But I think, they got that all nipped in the butt and decided to get those made in the USA. I mean a US team representing the United States of America wearing uniforms made in China. Geesh never heard of such and could not possibly imagine this as so. I mean I'm a home grown American. Ex Army Sergeant so I just truly couldn't imagine. But guess what they did add berets to the uniform just like the Army hooah.

 I support the USA and everything that flag represents. Freedom is not free. A cost has been paid. So all my comrades. I salute and Ralph Lauren you did this. I am Proud To Be An American and I love the USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,
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                      Carlynn Thornton Melvin

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