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Friday, July 13, 2012

Gabrielle Union's Love is BitterSweet

Yeah, I said it Gabrielle Union's love life to Dwayne Wade is some what "BITTERSWEET". It's sweet she and him is in love. It's bitter because of all of the drama that is surrounding her career. I mean she has worked long and hard on her career. Big Thumbs up for that! But, I just wish that Hollywood would understand that life happens and some things, you have no control over especially not your new beau XXXXXs. I mean how could you? Any who Strawbabies, Gab stays in style, I mean every time, she is spotted she is definitely doing her thing. Wouldn't you? The girl is knock down gorgeous. Here are some of my favorite styles she has worn in the past. She is also on the cover of Today's Black Woman. Looking good hunnie!! So to Gab, keep up the excellent work. I am watching and I know your fans are too. You are the calmness in the storm.

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                       Carlynn Thornton Melvin

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