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Saturday, February 25, 2012

GOOD DEEDS by: Tyler Perry

Last night was the opening night for Good Deeds. Another impressive movie by Tyler Perry. I am a long time fan of Tyler Perry.  I went to the opening night of Good Deeds and I must say the movies I went to  was packed. First of all, I went to the 10:15pm showing. I bought the tickets at 5pm. I showed up at 9pm to get a nice seat. I must say that I was still like number 40 in line. While I was waiting in line at 9pm I saw the line start to wrap around. I got good seats but for those that came at 9:30 I'm pretty sure they rescheduled. The theater was packed.

The lady beside me in the movie must have cried the whole time. That really bothered me. I know that alot of people out here are having hard times. I understand that wholeheartedly but I must say I am soo blessed to not have experience many of the things that people have been through.I also am blessed to know my father in heaven that is a true provider and shield. He gives me all of my needs and honestly majority of my wants. He positions me to achieve and I grasp hold and climb through those windows and doors he opens for me. With that being said, strawbabies NO MATTER HOW HARD IT IS OR YOU THINK IT IS LOOK TO THE SKY, BOW DOWN AND TALK TO HIM. HE IS A GREAT LISTENER AND HEARER.

I sometimes go thru a typical day and count my blessings and smile because around 9am i loose count because I have received so much when I sometimes give so little. I get so overwhelmed at the thought of a starving child, a homeless mother and child. It also bothers me even more when I know those people have family that won't even lift a finger to help. Its sad and like she said in the movie SHAME ON YOU.  My family has always had my back, my friends alike  and  even if my family had nothing to give or help they made a way for me and mines. That's family and that's the things they do and you should too.
Scene from the movie "GOOD DEEDS"
Carlynn Thornton Melvin

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