Saturday, February 25, 2012

Arm Candy

I love Arm Candy. I actually have tons of arm candy. I looked arm candy up on the web. The meaning of arm candy is drum roll please!!!

arm candy. n. Slang. An attractive person who accompanies another to public gatherings but is not romantically involved with that person.

What!! O my goodness that is NOT my definition of arm candy. PinkStrawberry's definition of arm candy!!

arm candy. n. Slang. Bracelets of all sorts and shapes that make your arm look soo sweet almost eatable.

Examples of Arm Candy:

                                                                  Juicy Couture
                                                         Disney Charm UK
New Trend for HipHop

Chanel with Bling

Nicki Minaj arm candy

Nicki Minaj

The Square Bling

The Gold Cuff

It's always so fun to go out and find the perfect arm candy. The perfect candy could set your total outfit off. If it's the right candy some people will transition from your wear and zoom in on your arm.

Carlynn Thornton Melvin

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