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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

PS SUGAR Hair Boutique Atlanta & ROXXIE

I have been in a rat race to find the perfect hairstylist here in Atlanta. This is how Sugar Hair Boutique, Atlanta came into play. I know there are hairstylist on every corner literally. The truth of the matter is everyone on all these corners mostly are not great hairstylist or are horrible when it comes to time management. For me, I don't want to be a hairstylist's test dummy and I love for my hair to be a certain way. I go to lots of events and the first thing they see is your hair. I mean I wear my hair short, so if you do a mess up and I have to cut off and start over. My situation Strawbabies would be a fade and tape. So, doing the process of finding that hairstylist I basically resulted to growing my hair out. Shoulder length and if you know me, I have not been shoulder length since the the late 90s early 2000s.

A friend of mine recommended me to Sugar Hair Boutique Atlanta. She told me to go see Roxxie. Sugar Hair Boutique is nestled in the Edgewood District of Atlanta.  The day I went to Sugar Hair Boutique to meet stylist Roxxie, it was pouring raining and not a great day to really be in the hair salon. Roxxie made my visit very comfortable and relaxing to say the least I felt transformed after she finished my hair.  The aesthetics of Sugar Hair Boutique is beauty and comfort.

Strawbabies, let me give you the details. My visit to Sugar Hair Boutique started off with a consultation of services and then I was off to the shampoo bowl for a scrub. Take note that the time management was very up to par. Roxxie was not overbooked or stressed to get to her next client. Which made the experience more relaxing and comfortable. She paid close attention to my wishes and performed the task of revitalizing my image. After the wonderful scrub, I was off to her chair.  In the chair, Roxxie cut and molded my hair for my style.  After the mold I went under the dryer where I relaxed and reflected on PinkStrawberry and you Strawbabies. I had to tell you about her... She gets a PS 3 thumbs up and oops I only have 2.
Here are some pics from my experience at Sugar Hair Boutique in Atlanta.

Roxxie from Sugar Hair Boutique can be contacted @404-552-0526 or tweet Roxxie @roxxieree.
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