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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

PS I Got the Recipe for Press

Well, Strawbabies, today I had an opportunity to spend some real learning time with Amy Flurry.  Amy Flurry is the author of the phenomenal book Recipe for Press.

 Hint... If you own a business, this book should be a reference or even considered to be a helpmate. Amy discussed so much from the perfect pitches, the layout of pictures and even the views of an editorial.
 I mean the whole idea of your business is to get business. If no one knows about you then it will soon be NO BUSINESS or OUT OF BUSINESS. She also gave us so many tips on how to create the perfect buzz for your brand.
I walked away from the workshop that was held at the ADAC refreshed and enlightened.

 Now it's time to implement somethings I have been missing. Here are some pics from my workshop. Enjoy.

My Badge

Recipe for Press

The Workshop

Amy Flurry Talking About Recipe for Press

Amy Flurry answering questions about her book Recipe for Press

Me & Amy Flurry

Head on over to and order your book. Make sure you tell Amy that PS sent you. I promise you will not be disappointed and this book would prove to be a total investment.
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Carlynn Thornton Melvin


  1. Sounds like a great book and an awesome meeting.

  2. I had a wonderful time and the information was very informative. Amy gave out some great tips and hints for press exposure.