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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Purse Cupcake

Okay, Strawbabies, To be fashionable is to be fashionable in all areas and sometimes this can mean food. I lately have been too fashionable with food trying this restaurant, this food or that. I the PinkStrawberry has also put on a pound or two. Or maybe three or four. Well any who this is neither here nor there.
You get my point. Well, me being the cupcake stalker saw these cupcakes online. I was like o my goodness I have to serve these at my next partay!!! Guess what I also heard it's a bakery here in Atlanta that can put this ensemble together for you so you too can have a night of designer bag cupcakes.
Does anyone know the bakery's name or who it is????

I hope you enjoy these designer bag cupcakes too. I'm pretty sure if you enjoy the bags. This minature life size replicas are too cute.There is not a reason why you shouldn't love the cupcakes. I'm just saying!

                       Carlynn Thornton Melvin

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