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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Amy Atlas in Atlanta

Yes, you heard it right. Amy Atlas will be in Atlanta, Georgia. July 14 at Williams Sonoma located on Peachtree Road.
 I am completely on edge. I was looking through my datebook and was upset totally because I thought I missed it. I tweeted angrily at myself I missed Amy Atlas uggh. Frustrated. Reading without my glasses LoL. I mean I knew better too, I've been wearing them since grade school. Go figure, Anywho!!!  To my surprise, she tweeted back NO it hasn't passed.
 So, you know I'm on cloud nine right now waiting. I mean, I've been following Amy forever. This is one of the women who truly inspired me to walk out on faith and just do this PinkStrawberry thing. I mean I was truly planning to set an appt the next time I was in New York to meet her and when I read on her blog she was doing a book tour. Who couldnt be more pleased than me.  This is a great opportunity for you Strawbabies to let your hair down and get a good read while doing it.

Drum Roll please!!! Her new book is Sweet Designs.

I already bought the book and I must say it is amazing.  The pictures are beautiful, the recipes are simple and I am looking forward to going. I will also be purchasing another one just for her to sign. I mean I should have waited but I've had my book I want to say since April. I mean I couldn't possibly wait all the way until July 14th to get the book.
 I've waited like 2 or 3 years for her to write a book period. I was on a personal countdown to get to the book's release date.  I'm not just saying this to blow hot air, she literally  goes detail to detail on how to create the perfect dessert table.
 Amy 's designs are very inspiring and sometimes intrigues even the most creative of minds. I look at her designs often and ask myself, Where did Amy get this? I almost forgot she even includes candy specifications and measurements.  She is signing only books bought at WilliamsSonoma that day, so if you bought a book and it's from WilliamsSonoma and of course have the receipt she will sign.
 But if you are like me and went to Barnes & Nobles I guess you too will have to buy another book, I mean why wouldn't you this is the perfect gift for any dessert indulger or dessert table designer.
 So, see you at Williams Sonoma on the 14th of July. If you need more details to her book signing and her work.
Just head on over to

Indulge in Sweets
Carlynn Thornton Melvin

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