Monday, March 5, 2012

My Closet

I was recently asked about my clothes at an event.  My PinkStrawbaby was like you never tell us where  you get your things or what you wearing. So I decided to weekly give you my closet. I shop alot of places, I personally dont just shop at one particular store and that's it. I shop around. I may go to the westside, eastside, southside. NYC, Miami overseas. Where ever I find something great I get it. Each piece is special and hand picked for my taste.

Turquoise and hot pink Adidas sweatsuit with the Turquoise and Hot Pink Tennis

Love Couture shirt, The Limited Black Slacks, Jennifer Taylor stilettos & LV bag

Again, that pose is redunkiculous!!!

Calvin Klein blouse, The Limited slacks, Steve Madden flats, LV bag

Pat Rego blouse, The Limited slacks, Ariane pumps, Chanel bag

REd shirt, black pants, LV purse, Twenty One pumps

Heart Soul dress, Qupid pumps

                             Purple and Gold dress with the Christine & Kelly pumps

Black-Lace dress with Black Lace Eva &Zoe stilettos
Hope you enjoyed my weekly closet. I love my closet. Time to replenish my closet for this week's events. Stay tuned for my closet this week!!!!
                           Carlynn Thornton Melvin

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