Monday, March 19, 2012

BMW South Atlanta

I recently had the opportunity of working with a wonderful car salesman. I have to say he is the best salesman ever. Guess what PinkStrawbabies, I am not the only one to think so. Who is it? His name is Adrian Avila. He works at BMW South Atlanta. It is sometimes very hard to narrow your choices down when you are in love with a brand as a whole. You want this or that but then you want all of your choices in one car and with in your price range. I met Adrian, the day Atlanta had the tornado like weather. Yeah, I was looking for a car with my mom during a tornado. He was so polite and down to earth .The perfect gentleman. Opening doors, carrying umbrellas and being so PATIENT. You name it Adrian is the man. Anywho, his desk is a testimony of all his hard work and I appreciated his attention to detail and understanding.

He narrowed everything down and helped sort out all the details and we walked out of there in a 2012. No stress or pressure. He handled it.  So if you are in the mind of the new 2012 BMW or any BMW Adrian Avila is the person to see and don't forget to tell him PinkStrawberry sent you.
Carlynn Thornton Melvin

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