Thursday, December 10, 2020

Recap March 2020 Virgin Voyage The Scarlet Lady

Hey Strawbabies,

Covid 19 HIT. Schools closed.  Quarantining began. The beginning of March before Covid 19  was announced.
 I was tentatively scheduled to experience Virgin Voyages new ship The Scarlet Lady.  
I was excited because this would be this ship's first run and I was going to have the opportunity to be among the first of travel agents to experience what it had to offer. 
Unfortunately, this cruise was canceled and rescheduled. But I did get to study and go through the many videos of the design and what it had to offer.

A FULL TOUR of Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady, by a crew member

Video Credits Crew Member Virgin Voyages.

I can't wait to experience this cruise in the upcoming year and I hope you will like to experience it as well. Tell me your thoughts Strawbabies.

Let's Go Cruising after the Pandemic and the Cruises open back up Strawbabies!!!

Carlynn Thornton

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