Thursday, May 5, 2011

Marriot Gateway's Champions Restaurant

Breakfast was great.  I must say I will visit again. I had an all-american breakfast which was to die for with a mimosa. The mimosa was made just right and it topped the breakfast off. The Marriot Gateway is a fairly new hotel in the atlanta area. It is located close to the airport. Its location is convenient to the airport. A free shuttle train called the Sky Train leaves every 90 seconds going to the Airport. This hotel also has state of the art amenities.
The decor and live floral arrangements are beautiful. This would be the perfect getaway or overnight stay for your morning flight of lay over.
Well back to the mimosa. The mimosa was sooo excellent that as soon as I got home I found a recipe to do at home.
2 oz orange juice
Pour orange juice into a collings glass over two ice cubes.  Fill with chilled champagne. Stir very gently, and serve.
Enjoy!!!!!!Have a mimosa to start your day.

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